The VIP Pop-up Party & Reality Show

South Florida Tour

Reality Show

Video Smart Channel + VIP Events. The first Reality Road Show: Pop-up Sampling & Demo for your project.

  • LiveStream @ each event
  • Meet the ZoomTank Crew
  • Video of Sampling Event
  • Video Reviews & Comments
Casting now with the following requirements. No use of the word “like” more than once in a sentence. Must pronounce the “t” in important. No raising your tone at the end of a declarative sentence.


VIP Party

Featured Video for each brand. Sample great new drinks gourmet bites.

  • Test Marketing
  • Feedback
  • Special Guests
  • Original Art
  • Featured Musical Acts
  • Influencers & VidiModels™
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Free Stuff

Fresh Products

Hot Locations

Epic Party 

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SWAG gift bag free party stuff

Next in the ZoomTank


Define & Discover

First we must find what makes your brand unique? How are you original? Is there an existing website, PowerPoint, media campaign?



What is the best method for you to promote – special program, discount, promo, events?


Plan the Project

We can write the plan once we have the idea. Do we use stock footage or shoot it from scratch? Your people or a spokesmodel? Live audio or narrated voiceover?


Create Media Assets

Green screen inside shoot? Photo of your place? Live action footage? Graphics and special FX?


Edit & Composite

We can edit more complex footage or you can do it yourself with a simple Moovly template.



Moovly outputs to all the most common social media platforms providing push-button output.

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