You can self fund your small business with VidiFund.

Nu Gen Crypto + Next Gen Smart Video. 

No Qualifying Fees

VidiFund has a new program for a new cryptocurrency available only during pre-launch. The coin is generously rewarding those invited to join. It’s a one time coin buy with weekly pay for referrals. Do you have an invite yet?

If approved, you will have immediate access to the back office to track and monitor all transactions in real time.

The coin will trade publicly on it’s own exchange later this summer where it will easily convert into fiat $US Dollars and other common cryptocurrencies.


Crypto + Referral Pay

685% Smart Stake Appreciation

We have a unique pre-release crypto coin paying a generous multiple for all staked smart contracts. The coin will pay the appreciated value for a full 18 month contract when the coin launches in June.

The current coin price at .58 is expected to increase to more than $2.00 per coin.

10% Affiliate Earnings

Invitations to new buyers can also provide a consistent flow of ancillary funding for your business with direct referrals paying 10%.

Private Invite Only

This offer is by invite only and not open to the general public. The offer will end once our coin starts trading publicly on its own exchange. 

Please REGISTER NOW if you would like to be considered. No fee; no closing costs; no credit card required. We also provide the means to share your company and this new self-funding program with new investors using our private VidiMail invites. 

$1,500 Your Custom Smart Channel
  • VidiMail™
  • VidiBlast™
  • Create & Share 10 Minutes or Less

CryptoCash Smart Channel

Share your business with minimal effort using the top technology for social media – video. Generate cash flow this week for your business, just for sharing the opportunity. #smartvideo

There are many companies ready to create one-off video projects for $10K or more. But we have the tech to put your content to work as a smart channel. Using a master library of source footage we deliver new video every week. Moovly Studio is the single most efficient tool for putting video to work for your business. It can feed your deal flow for years to come.

IVAS™ (Interactive Video Assembly & Sequencing) 

Using our Relative Thread™ interactive storyboard we create a series of templates. Moovly then re-cuts multiple custom versions using your master library of source footage. It also adds data-sourced graphic & text elements for automated video creation and distribution. The net effect, content is created without having to touch the edit timeline. Even if the algos become powerful enough to perform smart edits you will still need raw footage. The key is an ever-expanding master library of content AKA b-roll.

More data then ever in history to know and target the customer and buying intent. It’s easier than ever to get started. 

Filming a day in the life. Trade secrets. Show superior end product. Telling stories. Be the narrator for your own story. Capture different details, different versions, different angles.

Canned vs. Smart

Get personal targeting – Your finished videos will be more efficient at 23 seconds (instead of 3 minutes) and your customers will thank you for that consideration. It’s more efficient, does not waste your customer’s time.

Static vs. Dynamic

Dynamic can describe pushbutton choices where the consumer chooses where to click, but it can also describe dynamic adaptive. Smart creates multiple combinations of feeds clips graphics and text. What can smart do for you?

Training for amateurs. What kind of content to capture for the master library. We need your help to capture the raw footage.

Templates can go a long way for you. It’s primarily a matter of finding the right one for your company and adding your content.

We have an open and flexible approach. If you want internal parties to manage the work, no problem. Choose from one of our experts? Take your pick.

We focus on the end solution – video to promote your brand.

We are always adding new people to our list.

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