Send Personalized Video in Bulk Email

Way beyond a simple newsletter. Blend action shots with personal content overlay for a virtual experience. This FPV – First Person View shot was created and shared by https://PropellingViews.com. The footage can be used with an overlay to highlight the action in Tampa Bay. State-of-the-art Hollywood quality shots are now possible in your bulk email.

  1. Visual Features
  2. Natural Landmarks
  3. Engaging Material
  4. Footage of Event Venue Locations
  5. Access to Community Business

Smart video is a winning strategy. 90% of all customers opening the video will watch it to the end.


Personalized Video Email

Interactive data converted to custom live video messages.

Start creating your personalized video with Moovly!

Personalized Video Technology

Most Important Word

What’s THE most important word in the world to your customer? It’s THEIR NAME. And that’s how we start every smart VidiBlast message.

Each and every VidiBlast recipient receives a different video based on the data in their user profile (one record in the database). These personalizations are delivered as custom voice, video, text and graphics. 

As a result you get at least 70 seconds of your customer’s undivided attention. They will listen to every word. It’s immediately engaging because people like to hear about themselves! 

Additionally, sending a personalized video has proven to increase customer open rates and CTR by 300-400% resulting in much higher conversions. The video is remembered by the customer even months later. The best way of understanding this technology is for us to actually show you one of our implementations in the video below. 

Templates can go a long way for you. It’s primarily a matter of finding the right one for your company and adding your content.

Tap the power of Amazon Cloud AI and Google Translate: No need to type your subtitles manually anymore: let Moovly do it for you! Now you can convert audio to subtitles with a single click on your timeline! And that’s not all, you can now also automatically have all text content of your video translated to any language of your choice via Moovly’s Google Translate integration.

Moovly makes it a click to go from PowerPoint slides to professional video. Plus, Moovly uses layers so simple content can always be enhanced at the time of publishing. Adjust timings, add animation effects, music, voiceover and other magic, and publish!

VidiBuzz is here to train and support you in learning the product. The average creator requires only 15 minutes to get up to speed, either in-person or online via Zoom, Meet or Teams. More importantly we will help you solve the biggest issue for online publishing – WORKFLOW!

WordPress is by far the most comment content managment system used by small business. Moovly makes it easy to publish instand updates from their online browser app.

Publish instantly from anywhere to one or more social media accounts. With Moovly, video updates are no more difficult than a Blog post.

What can VidiBlast do for you?

Well, the applicability is very broad. It can be used for product activation, product cross-sell or up-sell, informational campaigns, renewals, loyalty rewards and incentive programs, as well as fundraising and much more. To make it even more engaging, we can allow interactive navigation during the video. It could include choosing between two different topics. For example, the American Express video above could allow the customer choose between two different cards.

Alternatively, there can be variable adjustment sliders in the middle of the video too. They could test outcomes on increasing their savings, and by how much. They could choose an amount to increase their credit limit. Of course, all decisions are collected for you to analyze later. 

VidiBlast videos can be distributed any way a link can be distributed: text message, email, online portals or retargeting banners. Here are some more examples we would like to share.





Propelling Views - Featured Drone Producer

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