“You are leaving money on the table” 

#1 for Growing Sales

Demand Generation

Content, content, content.

What is a day in the life of your business?

Smart channel content is different from standard TV commercials. Viewers like details and versions and things you find mundane. We want the director’s cut x10. Your real life in business happens to offer the best source for new material. Share your story; attract new customers.

Gary Vee Gets It.

Save Time, Create  Smarter Content

Using smart tech, your brand can publish fresh videos each week and build a following. 

  • Present actual stories 
  • Share tips about products
  • Provide solutions from real people 
  • Explain the process

Overcoming obstacles in a quest for better living. It’s yours for the taking. Make your own excitement!™

Future Juice your Content Plan

Content will be a permanent part of your business growth. What is your content strategy? We have the tech to convert content to cash. What will you feature on your smart channel? We can work together to create a plan.

It’s Good to Iterate – The Weekly Update

Frequency matters to the success of any campaign. Social consumers appreciate continual sharing. Our system simplifies weekly sharing of video events as they happen. Make video a regular process for your brand and get in the flow.

Raw Footage

Start capturing now. No matter how smart the AI (artificial intelligence) will get, we still need content to tell a story. That raw footage is a prerequisite for editing. We need clips to edit.

Smart business owners are grabbing that footage now. We also have an app that lets all your employees engage and contribute to the master media library. Everyone can help with video and pictures.

Details Matter

A smart campaign can benefit from overshooting compared to traditional video content. Smart can benefit from different angles and shots for similar footage, different angles, versions, narrations or monologues.

Launch a media capture program with your employees. We can help you. Start today.

Repetition is still the best way to engage. But it’s time to move past the cheesy, canned TV pitch and build followers online with authentic material. Consumers prefer to engage with genuine video. They trust real comments from other consumers on social media. They seek videos with authentic value & entertainment.

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