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We are here to help brands connect and share using genuine, valuable content. Many of the old guard continue with big budget TV advertising pitches, and that’s fine. We all love the competition for over-the-top Super Bowl commercials. Sure, paid ads can bring new customers too, but why not start with ORGANIC VIDEO FIRST, where the media cost is FREE!

Current consumers prefer to engage and share with genuine comments on social media. They reject overt commercialism as fake hype. By contrast, real conversations communicated person-to-person, are valued far above canned pitches manufactured in the “advertising lab”. 

Interactive video is a virtual version of an Internet conversation. Exciting brands with passionate people are publishing fresh videos, that garner comments and conversation every week. These videos are not sales pitches, but genuine people sharing with friends. They present actual stories, tips about their products and solutions from real people overcoming challenges in their quest for better living. 

It’s Good to Iterate

Social consumers appreciate continual sharing; make new videos weekly, sharing events as they happen. VidiBuzz hopes to empower all brands in our new social video world. We are here to help using the incredible power of 4K interactive video.

It’s yours for the taking. Make your own excitement!™

Erika Mayiras

Webmaster, Graphics, Video

James Mayiras

The VidiMan

John Conway

3-D VFX Master

Michelle Wilson

Art Director

Tara Borakos

Director, Producer

Tom Wilson

Producer, FilmMaker

Rylie Fisher

Spokesmodel, Photographer

Eric Cimber

International Brand Strategy

Ryan Mayiras

Photography, Video

Summer Perez

Fitness Model, Influencer

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