Team Vidi

People & Partners

Our professional creators are ready to produce your great content. VidiBuzz works with affiliates in all areas of the country and all types of production – from strategy to presentation.

  • Scripting – Storytelling
  • Cinematography
  • Casting
  • Directing
  • Lighting
  • Audio Production
  • Post Production

It’s yours for the taking. Make your own excitement!™

Get in the deal flow

It’s a simple workflow. Let us help you.

Erika Mayiras

Webmaster, Graphics, Video

James Mayiras

The VidiMan

John Conway

3-D VFX Master

Michelle Wilson

Art Director

Tara Borakos

Tara Productions: Director, Producer

Tom Wilson

Producer, FilmMaker

Ryan Mayiras

Candid Studios Colorado: Photography, Video

Summer Perez

Fitness Model, Influencer

Peter O'Hara

Headshot Photographer

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