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Ai Smart Video™

Get smart. New sales each week. It’s time to maximize your sizzle factor.

How can we help you?

What is the quickest way to add additional sales? In 2023, everyone knows Ai video is the hot way to continuously win new deals. It tops the list for smarter marketing and improved customer relations. The obstacle has always been the cost and complexity. 

Have you discovered breakthrough tech to automate the process? 

  • Grow awareness for the Your business brand
  • Generate more sales leads
  • Improve the close ratio for all your salespeople
  • Add new territories, services & programs 
  • Improve business relationships with existing customers. 

Make your own excitement!

VidiBuzz has the top web-based system/mobile app for automated creation and sharing of personal video to social media and VidiMail™. We call it a “smart channel“. It’s used by 300 of the top Fortune 500 companies. 

Our system does not film the raw clips. You still need a smartphone to shoot the footage. It does create dynamic edits, text and graphic overlays personalized for your viewers. It also enables push-button sharing directly to your social accounts. 

Projects that used to take weeks can now be optimized for delivery in 10 minutes or less, using templates. We simplify video into a routine process your business can use weekly. 

Your business Smart Channel

Consumers are slammed with marketing offers online, a massive wall of clutter. Visual tools are the only thing working.  Until the metaverse arrives, smart video will remain the top tool for breaking through. Your new video program on Facebook and LinkedIn provides the maximum engagement for a growing brand. Video is the preferred media. 

Your business can become the top influencer in your industry. You can own the top spot on LinkedIn with an actively monitored video series (where 1% of all users post video weekly). 

Salespeople can gen a unique video, custom-made for each proposal. Stats show the engagement factor goes up considerably with dynamic personal video compared to generic emails (up to 20X ROI, 2,000%). The same personalization also works with a VidiBlast to all companies on your list.

Marketers who invest in Advanced Personalization Efforts can realize upward of $20 in return for every dollar invested, a 20-to-1 Ratio.

New Trend Marketing

Advertising has changed dramatically as consumer traffic moves online. Television has lost ground with millions cutting the cord from overpriced cable. And, most millennials watch no TV at all, except live sports. Authentic shared content is also more trusted than advertising. 

Make your own excitement!

Before paying per click, it makes sense to consider organic media. Social media offers a huge opportunity for “content marketing”, especially with video. You will need persistence with the proper plan to succeed. But the ROI is huge given the cost to post on Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, LinkedIn including UHD 4K cinema-quality video – IT’S FREE. 

Luckily, online promotional campaigns also include a convenient bonus. They offer real-time analytics to monitor views and track success one click at a time. All customers are not created equal and data can help us better understand: 

  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
  • Time
  • Device type – Smart TV, PC, Tablet, Smartphone
  • Location
  • Customer intent
  • KPI – Key Performance Indicato

Concept: Brand Story

What is the big idea? Your video must tell a story, evoke a mood or impact the viewer. What can your brand say to the viewer.

Text & Script

Words are important. The text, the conversation, the titles all communicate your message. Dialogue, voice over, text overlay.


The visuals provide the eye candy. But the voice brings the heartfelt emotion as the story is revealed. The right voice matters and we can help you find it.


Who will be the name and the face of your brand? Some products just need visuals, others require people. The human element does matter. We have numerous resources to ensure you get the right person for the job.

Project Management

New 4K technology and interactive production methods can improve on the budget compared with traditional filmmaking, but only if the project is managed with an efficient process.

Web Optimization

Words in the content are breadcrumbs in the digital world. They must be targeted for your product and brand to be effective. We can design a workflow that produces results.


Certain close-up shots, simulations and virtual product demonstrations require a 3-D photoreal animation. We have quality help that can get this done.


Music sets the mood of your content. Is it raw, peaceful, energetic, edgy? Luckily great tracks are now easier to find and we know where to get them.


When all the planning is done it's time to film. We suggest 4K HDR for the highest quality output. With all the 4K flat screens it only makes sense to master at top quality.

Video Email

Interactive personalized video email is now possible. The content can be different for each and every viewer making the impact immediate and personal.

Live Events Broadcast

Zoom, Teams, Facebook Live, Instagram are growing in popularity for live broadcast. We can help you with multi-camera, master control switched 4K UHD online.

Social Media

Millenials don't watch TV anymore and Gen Z even less. They watch video online. YouTube stars are hitting it big and now you can too. Let us show you how.

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