Get it Back: Control Your Video

It’s time to grow your business with the fastest tool available for personal video. Start with raw footage; add data, and deliver a powerful custom message. Different videos for different folks.
Re-cut each video with personal smart elements in a voice your customer wants to hear. Send engagement to level 12. Break through the clutter with genuine excitement!

Video is Future Growth

With recent pandemic shutdowns, online video has become a necessity for every business. You need your own video now and a new one every month.

Your process must be efficient and inexpensive to publish on demand. 

Feed the flow of new content with your own mobile app. We enable your entire workforce to grab raw footage.

VJ your Smart Channel

VidiBuzz can deliver results quickly on a tight budget. Our system uses Moovly for simple, monthly, template-based editing and publishing.

Scale massively with smart automation. Get personal and watch your engagement skyrocket. Send a new message with each customer type. Then play video deejay on remix to tweak the results.

Freedom from Tyranny

With VidiBuzz, you can send your latest video news direct to the world. Experience Freedom from social media censorship.

Get the full interactive UX (user experience) on the site you do control – your own. 

Use our latest direct-to-Wordpress plugin for quick video publishing.

Our Process


Define & Discover

First we must find what makes your brand unique? How are you original? Is there an existing website, online store, business plan, PowerPoint, brochure, media campaign? Do you attend events? Have you ever done a video?

  • Website
  • PowerPoint
  • Print Materials


What is the best method for you to promote – special program, discount, promo, events?

  • Live Shows
  • Video Promo with Discount Code
  • Email List
  • Social Media

Plan the Project

We can write the plan once we have the idea. Do we use stock footage or shoot it from scratch? Your people or a spokesmodel? Live audio or narrated voiceover?

  • Talent
  • Audio + Music + Dialogue
  • Special FX
  • Location Shoot + Studio Footage


Create Media Assets

Green screen inside shoot? Photo of your place? Live action footage? Graphics and special FX?


Edit & Composite

We can edit more complex footage or you can do it yourself with a simple Moovly template.



Moovly outputs to all the most common social media platforms providing push-button output.

Source your own workforce.

Your smart channel will need a steady wave of raw video footage. Get in the flow and put it to work for your entire company.  Combine both static and dynamic feeds for up to the minute content. Deliver responsive smart video. Respect your customer’s time with relevant content only. Context-aware video gets the job done better.

A smart channel is the top choice for customer relationships. And we can make it work for your enterprise.

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