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Goldman Sachs

Video Ai

Smart Video 

6-Month Premiere Channel

Your company has a major opportunity for dramatic growth in 2024. 86% of all seaches now seek genuine, valuable, relevant video. If you provide it first, you win the audience, along with steady cash flow from your relevant buyers. We make it easier than ever to engage with your ideal customers using Video Ai.

Influencers have proven something no one thought possible. With direct publishing, anyone can build an audience in the millions. If you are the first to adopt Next-Gen Video Ai, you stand to dominate your industry using Video SEO, generating 20-100 prospects per market with local video search. Old school text blog posts are all but dead.

Weekly episodes can grow your audience to 1 million+, in less than a year.

In our post-TV era content is streamed and the air is free. Generate real transactions with In-House Weekly video. We send your personalized broadcast every week and you bank the new business.

Broadcast a new Ai-Enhanced Video every week, custom made for your brand, using the latest Smart Video Ai production tools. We target your ideal customers.


$3,000 Launch: 6-Month Weekly Program

Target & Engage Weekly


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 VidiBuzz Ai: Premiere Channel

The Premiere Channel program was timed with our introduction of VidiBuzz Ai in May 2023. Many companies understand the overwhelming benefits of weekly Freshy™ videos, but lack a clear plan to create them in house. With 86% of new customers favoring video search, it’s a clear winner for a steady flow of new customers.

So how do you start? Who reliably produces the content every week – editing, text, subtitles, special features, your actual story?

WE publish for you using Next-Gen Video Ai! 

Premiere Channel Plans

When you apply for Premiere Channel, VidiBuzz does the heavy lifting. We use Video Ai Smart Tools to create fresh video every week custom-made for your interested audience(s), the Freshy. We intend to drive real transactions for your business through:

  • VidiMail – Personal Video Email
  • VidiBlast – Personalized Group Email
  • VidiCity.net – Public Share Page
  • Online Video Search Google & YouTube: VIDEO SEO

In-House Weekly Video

With in-house video there is no cost to post on social media, unlike “paid advertising”. YouTube Ads are always a complimentary paid option, but standard posts are still free. 

So wouldn’t every company use this advantage to generate new customers every week?

It’s usually a content challenge

  • What will I post each week?
  • Who will create it?
  • To whom are we sending it?

The conversation usually dead ends down one of 3 branches (before getting ignored completely):

  1. Video is too much work as a part time side job (for a current employee).
  2. We already have a web media person using old-fashioned SEO text optimization. With 86% of the search traffic seeking video we are missing video SEO and losing most of the business to a competitor.
  3. We need a full time producer in-house, but that would cost $60K+; is it worth the expense?

6-MONTH Premier Channel

We created the Premiere Channel program to nurture in-house social video programs. VidiCity enables your business to generate real transactions for your business. You get a custom-made video delivered to your current audience every week. This starts with your local community share page on VidiCity.net.  

It does take time to build a successful following for your brand. And once you build it, you’ll want to maintain it. Let us do the work for you to generate a following online.

Our Process


Tell us your story? We want to hear about the daily drama, as it unfolds.

Story matters, more than ever. 

Perhaps most exciting is your true brand story with active navigation for each episode.

Have fun with it. Just don’t be boring.


Who will relate the intensity of your brand story? Is it time to seek a Brand Ambassador?

Employees are the latest targets for extras. But don’t forget, for every 50 extras, you may find a lead actor.

Start capturing employee content now and cultivate the B-Roll later.


You may not require 8K cinema cameras but production quality will affect the watch-ability of any content you produce. Let us help.

We have years of experience creating pseudo-produced content on a budget. 

Current tech makes it easier than ever. But who is in charge. How will you execute?


Define & Discover

First we must find what makes your brand unique? How are you original? Is there an existing website, online store, business plan, PowerPoint, brochure, media campaign? Do you attend events? Have you ever done a video?

  • Website
  • PowerPoint
  • Print Materials
  • Video


What is the best method for you to promote – special program, discount, promo, events? What video can you publish that customers will value.

  • Live Shows
  • Video Promo with Discount Code
  • Email List
  • Social Media
  • Weekly Episodes
  • Product Help Tutorials

Plan the Project

We can write the plan once we have the idea. Do we use stock footage or shoot it from scratch? Your people or a spokesmodel? Live audio or narrated voiceover?

  • Talent
  • Audio + Music + Dialogue
  • Special FX
  • Location Shoot + Studio Footage
  • Scripting

Create Media Assets

Green screen inside shoot? Photo of your place? Live action footage? Graphics and special FX?


Edit & Composite

We can edit more complex footage or you can do it yourself with a simple Moovly template.



Moovly outputs to all the most common social media platforms providing push-button output.

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