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What does your company do? Create your video now.

If video was free on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, TikTok how often would you post video? Even better. What if you could shoot, edit and send to all these formats in less than 10 minutes?

What did you post this week?

10 Minutes or Less

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Our Process


Tell us your story? We want to hear about the daily drama, as it unfolds.

Story matters, more than ever. 

Perhaps most exciting is your true brand story with active navigation for each episode.

Have fun with it. Just don’t be boring.


Who will relate the intensity of your brand story? Is it time to seek a Brand Ambassador?

Employees are the latest targets for extras. But don’t forget, for every 50 extras, you may find a lead actor.

Start capturing employee content now and cultivate the B-Roll later.


You may not require 8K cinema cameras but production quality will affect the watch-ability of any content you produce. Let us help.

We have years of experience creating pseudo-produced content on a budget. 

Current tech makes it easier than ever. But who is in charge. How will you execute?

2021 is the year of video

Fancy video is cool, but it’s more important to spark conversations starting today. The when is more important than the what. LinkedIn allows users to post unlimited video for free, yet only 1% are doing so weekly. It’s time to get started.

VidiBuzz works with agencies or brands that need:

  • Video for social media
  • Corporate video for investor relations
  • Improved ROI up to 2,000% using personalized email
  • Video for a website
  • Enable simple video communication internally (next step up from PowerPoint)
  • The perfect video pitch for their salespeople
  • 1000s of product listings upgraded to video
  • Employee-filmed videos for the brand library (and curated publishing)
  • Media content for influencers 
  • Full time video brand ambassador(s)
  • A better way to creating and publishing content
  • Instant subtitles created and spaced automatically on the video timeline
  • Video text translated quickly into 100 different languages
  • Segmented content for specific customer types

Yes, it’s a long list. Do any of the applications above apply to your brand? VidiBUZZ is ready to find that purpose, and then execute. Every company needs a custom application. Let’s discuss your video campaign. 

Organic Content Plan

33 Pages = 20 Possible Applications

VidiBuzz recently completed our own master script. It’s 28 slides long, way too much for anyone to read as text. But as a script it breaks down nicely into topical video episodes. Few people would read the screenplay for a movie, but we’d gladly watch the finished masterpiece.

Similarly, the text on each slide of the script is spoken dialogue (or titles).

As social media video, our script will conveniently parse into 20+ video episodes, each with its own discussion. This allows VidiBuzz to share new and exciting solutions every week (using our own technology). Hopefully, this will coincide with a featured customer story. Real life examples are the best.

What is your content strategy? Let’s go with your video. Contact us for a free custom consultation, or follow us online till you figure it out.


Define & Discover

First we must find what makes your brand unique? How are you original? Is there an existing website, online store, business plan, PowerPoint, brochure, media campaign? Do you attend events? Have you ever done a video?

  • Website
  • PowerPoint
  • Print Materials
  • Video


What is the best method for you to promote – special program, discount, promo, events? What video can you publish that customers will value.

  • Live Shows
  • Video Promo with Discount Code
  • Email List
  • Social Media
  • Weekly Episodes
  • Product Help Tutorials

Plan the Project

We can write the plan once we have the idea. Do we use stock footage or shoot it from scratch? Your people or a spokesmodel? Live audio or narrated voiceover?

  • Talent
  • Audio + Music + Dialogue
  • Special FX
  • Location Shoot + Studio Footage
  • Scripting

Create Media Assets

Green screen inside shoot? Photo of your place? Live action footage? Graphics and special FX?


Edit & Composite

We can edit more complex footage or you can do it yourself with a simple Moovly template.



Moovly outputs to all the most common social media platforms providing push-button output.

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