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We Make Video Work for You

Great talent is everywhere, but we bring it together for your project. With 25 years of project management experience we know how to get it done. We plan it with you; then you decide who will create it. Get optimal support and expert help with experts in your area and around the world. The easiest tool for video creation is now ready for launch. We also handle the more complex planning for dynamic edits.

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Who Are We

VidiBuzz is the experienced leader in dynamic concepts for online video. We can help your project, company or group find a voice online that will attract followers. 

Our Mission

With recent pandemic related shutdowns online video has become a necessity for every business.  Connect with customers online and in person with video as the invite. Share your brand with the world.

What We Do

Why Choose Us?

There are many companies ready to do your project for $10K or more. We focus on doing the same work for less. Our starter package start at only $1,500 for a full 30 second spot.

Templates can go a long way for you. It’s primarily a matter of finding the right one for your company and adding your content.

We have an open and flexible approach. If you want internal parties to manage the work, no problem. Choose from one of our experts? Take your pick.

We focus on the end solution – video to promote your brand.

We are always adding new people to our list.

Some Numbers

Always growing.

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Perfect Pitch for your brand!

VidiBuzz will script, shoot, edit and otherwise produce simple promotional spots and live events using the latest 4K HDR video standards for maximum cinematic quality. Packages will be offered with bundled services for $1,500 and $5,000. In the post-pandemic era of 2020 video is one essential area where business needs help. Attract new customers both online and real world.

VidiBuzz also produces pilot shows on $10-100K micro budgets in short time windows of less than 90 days. The VidiBuzz business model replaces tedious and costly formulas used presently by TV and movie studios. The company is vertically integrated with the latest 4K cameras, non-linear video editors, specialFX tools, audio post and hosted web servers. Our formula is perfectly suited for just-in-time, quality entertainment where demand is exploding as social media on the Internet.

New TV, New Ad Model – Interactive Video Technology

Engagement is the key to social media – video, apps, shopping and connecting with your friends on relevant issues. VidiBuzz uses innovative technology that rolls past TV using interactive 4K social media. Traditional interruptive video ads (preroll & post-roll) are replaced with consumer-friendly social media branding.

Interactive Enhanced

Episodic shows, branded entertainment, contests, live events and more will come from online producers at VidiBuzz using innovative production techniques that add interactive features, targeting, tracking, social tools and multi-threaded navigation.

VidiMail™ & VidiBlast™

VidiBuzz provides the ability to generate views, excitement and transactions for your brand. Create it once and blast it everywhere. Our VidiBlast system uses AI to customize each video with content taken from data points to engage the user like never before.

The Founder

VidiBuzz began in 2000 by James Mayiras. With 25 years of production experience he has managed the creation of innovative solutions for hundreds of satisfied clients including the U.S. Navy, JP Morgan Chase, Motorola, Disney, BodyBeam, The St. Louis Cardinals, U.S.D.A., & Verizon.

VidiBuzz is a brand consulting group with an in-house entertainment studio. We empower comedians, filmmakers, animators, musicians, business owners and brand promoters to co-produce, distribute and monetize original spots and episodic 4K video for brand promotion. Completed videos are easily posted to Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter and more.

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