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 Who Needs VidiBuzz?

 “No question, video is the Big Kahuna. Words are more powerful when spoken; text lacks the impact. VidiBUZZ + Moovly are the way to go. Online video without the hassle of tech. Effective branding has evolved. Not a moment too soon”.

  • Edit & Publish in your web browser with Moovly Studio™
  • Send VidiBlast™ personalized email
  • Broadcast Live Events 4K UHD 
  • Add your video to Google listings

How can we help you?

With the right content, social media can explode your business traffic. Followers are constantly multiplying on social media. Great video allows you to aggregate and expand by thousands of people at a time. And VidiBuzz can help you get there.

Let them share your amazing video with friends and followers. It’s the social media way.

  • Get creative and technical support throughout the video process.
  • Achieve persistent promotion of your brand through online video.
  • Stay top of mind with your consumers. Share a video today.
  • Show up first in Google Search results. Video moves your rank.

Design, Produce, Deliver

Perfect Pitch for your brand – only $1,500!


From script to screen we make it happen. Design, Produce, Deliver.

Customer Types

From Main Street to Wall Street

Medical Products
Online Stores
Oil & Gas
Professional Services
Exercise Products
Startups & SMB
Educational & Training Programs
Professional Sports Teams
Consumer Electronics

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

Finally, someone offers affordable video production. We have searched forever to find great talent on a small business budget.
Bolton Sullivan

Meet the Creators

VidiBuzz works with top consultants and experts in all areas of production- writers, directors, producers, web designers, musicians, songwriters, filmmakers, photographers, advertising agents, social media strategists, image consultants, makeup artists, gaffers, sound engineers, legal consultants, importers, graphic artists. 

We have an ever-expanding roster of talent for you to hire. We help you plan the pitch, but you decide who works on your project.

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