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Your Video Listing can generate ready, steady, deal flow. Weekly Video is the key to dominating your market with no cost for advertising. Share weekly videos and start conversations. Introduce yourself and let smart video do the rest. Stop chasing business aand get discovered. 

Boost “Near Me” video search in 180 business categories.
Be the Exclusive Featured Video in 33,000 cities on VidiCity.net


Let us deliver your AI-optimized video campaign. Fresh content each week.

Get Automatic Ai Video

We have worked with hundreds of different customers for the last 25 years. Interactive video is our main claim to fame. From script to screen we make it happen. Design, Produce, Deliver.

Video for All

From Main Street to Wall Street

With the right video content, social media can explode your business traffic. 80% of all internet traffic will soon be video. If you want to connect with your audience the solution is clear.

Great video allows you to aggregate and expand, thousands of people at a time. Let viewers share your amazing video with friends and followers. It’s the social media way.

  • Get creative and technical support throughout the video process.
  • Achieve persistent promotion of your brand through online video.
  • Stay top of mind with your consumers. Share a video today.
  • Show up first in Google Search results. Video moves your rank.

Amazing Designs and Quality Work!

Finally, someone offers affordable video production. We have searched forever to find great talent on a small business budget.
Bolton Sullivan

Meet the Creators

VidiBuzz works with top consultants and experts in all areas of production- writers, directors, producers, web designers, musicians, songwriters, filmmakers, photographers, advertising agents, social media strategists, image consultants, makeup artists, gaffers, sound engineers, legal consultants, importers, graphic artists. 

We have an ever-expanding roster of talent for you to hire. We help you plan the pitch, but you decide who works on your project.

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